Published: , last modified: 25.02.2018 Author: Daniel Joshua Solomon was a dream that is now being put into practice. With JADE, C, Fortran, Assembler and the good old Commodore 64 behind me, I've been with Java now since 1999. I started out with JDK 1.16 and EJB 1.1 using IBM WebSphere as the application server. Since then it has always been Java, Java and more Java.

Over the years I always had big dreams of building a web-site from scratch, including the middleware without paying for a single license. I had many ideas, plans etc. I have tried many times before, but never made it, running out of time or running into other problems. This time I can show you what I have achieved!

My wife produced this video to showcase her video production skills and obviously it allows me to present myself in a visual manner. Please take a look:


I have been consulting, developing and assisting projects since 1998. Coupled with my experiences as a sales assistant in health food retail and serving customers in a café from the age of 12, I am well grounded in working in all kinds of environments. I enjoy working on conceptions, maintenance, application design and development. Testing including creating test cases, defining test data, performing load tests, analysis, installing test environments and developing integration tests. Through this, my project work has taken through many different branches including: industry/automobile, banking, insurance, tourism, cloud and entertainment and culture.

In other areas, I have also coordinated teams in PR work with politicians, media, advertisements and VIPs, handled event management and worked on design and layout for flyers, posters and advertisements.

My CV (Lebenslauf) is also available in Xing, Gulp but is still underway in Linked-In.

Please send me an email, if you are interested in hiring me:


Degree: Bachelor Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) from the University of Sydney

Technological Focus:

Spoken Languages: English and German

Languages: Java, C, PL/SQL, HTML, Pascal, Fortran Visual Basic, Basic, Assembler, Javascript

Application servers:

Web Servers and Load-Balancers: Apache, NG-INX and HA-Proxy

Developing environment: Eclipse Luna, Hudson/Jenkins (continuous development), Idea 11, Together 6, WSAD 5.1.2, Innovator 8.1, Rational Rose, JBuilder 8, Visual Age 4

Source-Management: GIT, SVN, CVS, CM-Synergy, Harvest, SourceSafe, Serena Dimensions


Frameworks: Hibernate, Maven, TestNG, Junit, EasyMock, Struts, Spring, Echo2, TopLink, FreeMarker, DWR, Dojo, GWT, Birt

Operating Systems:

Miscellaneous: JMeter, LoadRunner, TestDirector, Toad, Precise, Adobe InDesign and PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, Matlab 5, AutoCAD

Project Experience

As an added extra, I really like photography and have grown up in Australia and launched my career in Germany. I have been in Munich since May 2000. Here are two pictures of both Marienplatz in Munich and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. Outside of programming, I try to practice my photography, when travelling around to various places.

Marienplatz in Munich, GermanySydney Harbour Bridge (Australia)

Thank-you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site!