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In today's 24/7 world, your customers expect round-the-clock access to information. They want to operate on their schedule, not yours. DESTWIN lets you use your website to provide information and services to customers any time of day or night. The DESTWIN Solution converts your website from an online brochure to an interactive website that brings existing customers back over and over again, converts prospects into new customers, and integrates with your existing systems to streamline your operations, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs.  Key Features include:

  • On-line Bill pay (credit cards or e-checks)
  • AIM Data-driven target marketing with our AIM
    (Automated Intelligent Marketing) system
  • Account information look-up (delivery history, transactions, service plans, etc)
  • Tune-up appointment scheduling
  • Web portal for after hours answering service
  • ACE (Automated Contact E-Mail)
  • ALPS (Automated Loyalty Points System)
  • Plan enrollment sign up
  • Automatic budget plan calculator
  • ARM (Advanced Risk Management) Online price protection with advanced risk management tools
  • Mobile web portal versions available now

The DESTWIN Web Application Package is a set of software tools that facilitates integration of back office business systems with web-based interfaces, providing employees and customers access to information and resources. DESTWIN provides the ability to implement sophisticated business applications that may be accessed through a web interface, allowing your website to become an integrated part of your operations.

Your business's Web presence is a critical part of your overall operations. DESTWIN is a hosted application platform which is configured to meet specific customer requirements. DESTWIN gives you a website that is more than just an online brochure. If you are interested in a next generation web-based application that helps your business grow by providing useful, timely, interactive information to your customers, employees, and partners, DESTWIN may be the solution you require. Today's business environment demands a web site that is dynamic and that is manageable and maintainable on a daily basis. Empower your business with a web site built on DESTWIN software. Contact us to find out how DESTWIN can provide your business with the latest web-based technologies now.